KSPG Group

KSPG AS is a worldwide leader in Rheinmetall’s automotive business sector. As a global automotive supplier, KSPG Group occupies a leading position in all markets.

Currently the KSPG Group is organized into three divisions: Hardparts, Mechatronics and Motorserive employing around 12,000 employees in more than 30 production facilities located throughout various countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Traditionally the Mechatronics division, composed of various companies belonging to the Pierburg Group, has worked closely since its inception with the automotive industry in order to successfully manufacture original equipment.

Pierburg GmbH was founded in Berlin in 1909 as a steel trading company. In 1928 given the initiation of carburetor manufacturing Pierburg GmbH became the sole supplier of carburetors in Germany, also serving as a reference for other foreign manufacturers.

In 1986 Pierburg was acquired by the Rheinmetall Group and in 1998 merged with Kolbenschmidt and became Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG. In the development of new generations of engines reducing emissions of pollutants while optimizing power, comfort and safety are becoming ever more important.

In order to achieve this, Pierburg offers highly developed technological solutions to problems. All these developments contribute to the manufacturing of more economic and environmentally friendly cars. Just as in the past, Pierburg is co-designing the future of the automobile.

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KSPG Group