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Social Responsibility

Pierburg SA develops within its strategies, policies and management plans, a commitment to society (RSC), divided into the following three pillars:

Wealth generatorDevelopment of knowledgeEnvironmental sustainability

The creation of employment, the maintaining of the industrial dynamism of the region, development of the suppliers, partner companies with employment for the disabled and support for family members of employees with disabilities.

Collaboration with universities, internships for students of vocational schools, collaboration with business development forums (Euskalit, AIC, Acicae, AED, FVEM, CEBEK), partnerships with technological centers, research and development department, etc.

Clean @ Lean: As a business group that operates globally, the environment is of the utmost importance to us. Our buildings are sustainable and energy efficient. We strive to make our production processes as free of emissions as current technology permits, we use raw materials moderately and strictly comply with international standards of environmental protection.

MAS: Eco-Management and Audit Scheme according to 1221/2009 European Regulation,
aims to make public our annual management results and drive our firm commitment to innovation and
growth compatible with sustainable development.

If you are really interested in our public report, please click here.

Social Responsibility