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Social Responsibility Pierburg S.A.

Pierburg SA develops within its strategies, policies and management plans, a commitment to society (RSC), divided into the following three pillars:

Riqueza Conocimiento Ambiental
Wealth generator Development of knowledge Environmental sustainability

The creation of employment, the maintaining of the industrial dynamism of the region, development of the suppliers, partner companies with employment for the disabled and support for family members of employees with disabilities.

Collaboration with universities, internships for students of vocational schools, collaboration with business development forums (Euskalit, AIC, Acicae, AED, FVEM, CEBEK), partnerships with technological centers, research and development department, etc.

Clean @ Lean: As a business group that operates globally, the environment is of the utmost importance to us. Our buildings are sustainable and energy efficient. We strive to make our production processes as free of emissions as current technology permits, we use raw materials moderately and strictly comply with international standards of environmental protection.

For more details on our environmental policy click " here"

MAS: Eco-Management and Audit Scheme according to 2017/1505 European Regulation,
aims to make public our annual management results and drive our firm commitment to innovation and
growth compatible with sustainable development.

If you are really interested in our public report, please click on the EMAS logo.

Placas voltaicas

Descriptive plaque of the new photovoltaic installation, investment, and subsidy for Pierburg SA


Rheinmetall is an international technology group for mobility and security. The company is one of the hundred largest publicly listed stock corporations in Germany. The companies of the Rheinmetall Group operate around the world and, with their international production sites, are involved in general economic, ecological, social, legal, and political circumstances in a variety of countries and regions. The Group recognizes its social responsibility and is committed to free world trade and fair competition as well as to lawful and sustainable trade conducted with integrity and social and ethical responsibility. Sustainable economic activity has always been an integral part of the business and production processes, serving to ensure the long-term future of the corporation, which can look back at a successful history of more than 125 years. The approach that is pursued in the Rheinmetall Group is to take into account the interests of the shareholders, employees, customers, and other stakeholders as well as ecological and social aspects as far as possible in the implementation of the strategic and corporate objectives..


Social Responsibility Pierburg S.A.